Located at the corner of 39th and 9th Ave. it has transformed the local area of Hell’s Kitchen from a place of culinary oblivion into a hot spot demanding everyone’s attention. Tucked away in a subtle section of the city H.K. is making its way into everyone’s consciousness and changing the face of its community with it’s chic interior and inventive cuisine.

H.K. is a multi-faceted venue that features a setting for every event: from its ultramodern, minimalist restaurant with indoor and outdoor dining; to it’s adjacent private lounge, sultry and sophisticated; to the zen inspiring windowless rooftop bar overlooking all and extending ceaselessly skyward. In design, HK fuses seduction with feng shui. The pumping bass orchestrated from the all-glass DJ booth illuminates the high profile fashionista silhouettes against quarry-like walls and rich burgundy ostrich skin banquettes. Distress Mahogany cubes accent the rest of carefully construed event space and add warmth to the area. Day or night, one always arrives like royalty through customs–designed automatic sliding glass doors parting upon entrance and framed by a shimmering pond of koi.